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The trees of La PalmaDeze pagina in Nederlands
La Palma rises 2450 meters out of the Atlantic ocean and has a wide variety of trees.
The upper regions are dominated by the Canarian Pine tree, Pinus Canariensis - the Canary or Canarian Pine tree. This variety is only to be found on the Canary Islands. Normally they grow to about 30metres ans a diameter of about 1metre but they can grow to be hundreds of years old and 50metres tall. The bark is thick and formed by layers of hard and almost unburnable layers which protect the tree from the occassional forest fire.
The core of the trunk is saturated with resin which makes it a very durable hardwood known as Tea wood (te-a). Large areas of La Palma was covered on pines which were chopped down for wood and to make charcoal. Cutting down Canarian Pine trees is now forbidden op La Palma. The wood was traditionally used for the floor, roof, windows and balconies of Canarian houses. Wooden chests were also made of the wood, which has now become almost unobtainable and therefore very expensive.
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Trees of La Palma, Canary Islands
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