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In this section of the Isla de La Palma Guide you will find an overview of the island of La Palma.
It is impossible to give a complete overview of all that La Palma has to offer to the visitor. We have selected some of the main things that we think visitors would probably like to see and things we think they should see - or at least be aware of.

There are sections containing general information, suggested auto-routes and walking tours to some of the many interesting parts of the island.
We have included sections on food and drink so that you can enjoy some of the varieties on offer. Some are typically Spanish, other are specific to the Canary Islands and La Palma in particular.
We cannot show everything .. that would take the fun out of exploring the island for yourself.
You won't be able to see everything mentioned here in a one or two week holiday, but we hope this 'nutshell' will help you to choose what to see and do, and what not! Much will depend on what you personally enjoy.

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Isla de la Palma - in a nutshell
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