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The main roads on La Palma are generally good. Side roads vary from good asphalt roads to dirt roads and bumpy tracks. On almost every road there is something interesting to see if you have 'the eyes' for it.
All the dirt roads mentioned could be negotiated with care in an ordinary car the last time we tried them, but you should be aware that hire-car companies might take a different view.
A few of the main routes are briefly described here.
They can be combined, of course, to make a round trip, depending on your starting point.

Please bear in mind that while the roads may appear small and quiet they are in fact main thoroughfares for local people. They have to get to work, get home, visit the mother-in-law, deliver goods, get to the shops and pick up the children from school. So please, if you stop ... park off the road, if there is a local behind you ... let them go past.
Some of the places and events mention in these brief descriptions are (or will be) described in detail elsewhere on this website

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Auto routes on La Palma Canary Islands. Selected scenic routes showing the main tourist attractions on the island.
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