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Walking on La PalmaDeze pagina in Nederlands
La Palma is an extremely good island for a walking holiday!!
You can always find a route to match your wishes and condition.

There are a number of local companies who specialise in walking tours. You can find their brochures in most hotels and tourist centers and tourist information centers. Your travel company hostess usually has a number of walks on offer.

You can choose to go on your own and follow the many hundreds of kilometers of marked footpaths which criss-cross the island. La Palma is proud of its walking paths and most are well maintained and properly marked with international standard markings and signposts.

You can also combine use of the hire-car and short walks, by parking the car and exploring the area, before moving on to another spot.

The choice is yours.
Can we recommend routes? No, sorry. We are not walking enthusiasts.

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Walking on La Palma. An introduction to the many walking and hiking routes and walking paths on La Palma.
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