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Los Canarios (Fuencaliente)Deze pagina in Nederlands
Fuencaliente is the name of the district at the southern part of La Palma.Until about 2002 the village had the same name but someone decided to change the name of the village to Los Canarios to avoid confusion. Local opinion is that the change has caused more confusion.

Fuencaliente has several small villages including Los Canarios and Las Indias.
It's major features are the San Antonio en Tenaguia volcanoes and the saltpans and 2 lighthouses, one of which contains a museum, at the southernmost point.

In the higher areas the volcanic landscape is covered in pine forest but lower down the black and brown lava landscapes are treeless and quite impressive in their starkness.

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Los Canarios (Fuencaliente), La Palma, Canary Islands
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